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Wholistic Child & Family Services Day Program strives to improve the lives of all our clients.  Evidence-based research and therapeutic techniques are used to support and nurture our client's skills, helping them lead a more efficient and productive life.

Life Skills

We develop and implement life skills programs that are geared towards each individual's level of functioning, to enable them to acquire the skills necessary to manage their daily lives. These skills will be provided through a hands-on approach and supported with supervision. Lessons such as decision making, dealing with stress and anxiety, personal hygiene, meal preparation, money management and community safety will benefit all participants. All programming is conducted in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

School Children
Child Activity
Excited Children in Science Class

Arts & Crafts

Sensory Integration

Through various activities, we work to enhance individual sensory input through tactile, smell and auditory stimulation.

Fine Motor Skills/Hand-Eye Coordination

Each participant will work towards increasing finger dexterity and muscle strengthening. The focus will also be centred on the coordination to accomplish the given task.

Self Expression and Emotional Release

Participants will be encouraged to express themselves and communicate in a productive manner. Materials such as water and oil paint, markers and crayons, plasticine and other modelling clay will be made accessible.

Building Self-Esteem

Through a preferred activity, involvement ins heightened; therefore, facilitating greater self-esteem.

Physical and Health Program

Physical activity is essential and should be implemented in each of our daily schedules regardless of ability. Participants will engage in various exercises that will be incorporated into their daily routines. All activities will be individualized, as well as, offered in group form under direct supervision.


Vocational Program

WCFS has partnered with the community to provide contract work for the higher functioning individuals to participate in activities and be compensated. The basic concept of the program is to allow the individual to fell a sense of independence and responsibility within the society they live in. This will also promote the opportunity to acquire valuable social and life skills which in turn can be applied to their daily lives.

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